Applying For Medicare

As we live in these times when the economy is down, most of us require some assistance with healthcare bills. Despite our efforts to cut down on costs, we cannot avoid getting sick.

If you are 65 years or older and financially unable to pay your medical bills, or you have an older family member in a nursing home, then I suggest you apply for Medicare. The elderly can struggle with many conditions including backpain (you may already be using Toros Group posture corrector to alleviate pain), diabetes, eyesight problems, and so on. The cost of treating some of the these conditions can be covered by Medicare

Medicare is a federal state program that provides assistance to persons who have proven to be financially needy. It gets financed by citizens who pay tax and partly by monthly premium deductions from your social security checks.

I know you are thinking how you can apply for this aid, but first you have to qualify for it. Here are steps you can go through and see whether you qualify.

To be able to get Medicare you need to meet these requirements below.

  1. Medicare is mainly for persons older than 65, but if you can prove that you have renal failure or Lou Gehrig’s disease then you meet one of the requirements.
  2. To get Medicare you need to be a US citizen or considered a permanent resident. If you don’t fall under these two categories you can pay monthly premiums and access Medicare
  3. To qualify you also need to be receiving social security benefits and railroad retirement benefits at the moment of application. They will also need either you or a deceased family member to have worked in the government and paid Medicare taxes for a specific period of time. You can also show evidence that you are a dependant of someone who works in the government and also pays Medicare taxes.
  4. Medicare is classified into four parts known as A. B, C and D. those who qualify for part A will get access to hospital insurance. This will give you a chance to also qualify for part B which is free access to doctor visits and also medical supplies. Part A and B is a prerequisite to qualifying for part C which is the medical care advantage plan and D which covers the prescription drugs. Medicare alone is not enough to cover all your health needs, I also advise you get another additional health insurance.

After meeting the requirements you need to prepare for the application process. You will need to make a call to the Social Security Administration and they will give you the application forms. You can also go there in person and fill up the forms there.

You will need to carry your diving license, birth certificate, social security card and any other insurance you may have.

If you have any disability, you will be asked to list names of physicians, medical centers or clinics that you have been going to. It is advised to purchase another form of insurance because Medicare does not meet all your financial needs.

When applying for Medicare, remember to be honest. If you are applying because you need assistance for a nursing home person, talk to a lawyer/ attorney for legal assistance.