Interval Training Basics

Although the term may sound intimidating, learning the basics of interval training is a breeze, and the benefits are many. All interval-training programs consist of periods of exercise followed by periods of active recovery. What differs from program to program is the intensity and duration of the exercise and active recovery periods.

One reason why interval training has become so well-liked is because of its adaptability to any experience and fitness level, and nearly any activity. Here are two examples. A very basic interval training program designed for a fitness newcomer: Jog for one minute on a treadmill, then walk briskly for two minutes, and repeat this pattern for the duration of the exercise period. A more intense interval training program: Run for five minutes on a treadmill, then jog for two minutes, and repeat this pattern for the duration of the exercise period.

Now that you know the basics, here are a few reasons to incorporate interval training into your fitness program in 2017.

Interval training saves time. In this day and age, time means everything. Often, the reason why we don’t workout as we should is due to a lack of time, not motivation. Interval training is the solution to those confined by tight schedules. On those days you wake up late, or have to head to the office early, take advantage of interval training. By increasing the intensity of your workout, you’ll be able to decrease duration while still enjoying a meaningful trip to the gym.

Interval training means fun, and encourages creativity. There’s no doubt that one major reason why interval training has become so popular is because it keeps your workout fun. The key to fitness longevity is diversity, and interval training provides just that. Consider incorporating interval training into an activity you don’t usually take part in. For instance, if you find yourself on the treadmill day after day, try applying interval-training principles to another activity. Cycling, for instance, offers an excellent outlet for interval training. Consider incorporating interval training into your daily activities too. Raking the lawn, vacuuming, and even walking up stairs are just a few opportunities to apply interval-training principles. So challenge yourself to be creative, and discover how fun exercise can really be.

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Interval training makes it easy to challenge yourself. If you typically step on the elliptical machine for 30 minutes a day, you may feel like you’re just “going through the motions.” Hitting a plateau can be discouraging. By incorporating the principles of interval training you’ll not only discover those 30 minutes go by faster, but you’ll find that you’re actively engaged in your workout again too. And here’s a bonus: after a few weeks, you’ll likely discover an increase in your fitness level.

If you’re unsure about tackling the principles of interval training yourself, find a certified personal trainer and ask him or her for their professional advice. Make 2007 the year you incorporate this beneficial exercise technique into your fitness program.